Sunshine For All, Inc.

Our Programs

kids getting foods from a partyAt we seek to reach out to as many people as we can. We strive to address all the issues this world is facing. There may be so many but with the cooperation of everyone in our organization plus you, it is possible to solve all of them.

We’ll introduce you to our programs and see which ones you are most interested with. For sure, you have ideas and capabilities that will make it better and more successful.

Let’s hasten the rescue!

The Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Long term Rental Assistance program (LTRA) assists individuals in identifying suitable housing, and negotiating rental agreements including review of tenant- landlord leases for compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Short-Term Rent, Mortgage & Utility (STRMU) Assistance
Our clients receive rental, mortgage and utility assistance for up to 6 months to promote sustainability among low income people living with HIV/AIDS.

Housing Quality Standard Inspection Services (HQSIS)
, through the expertise of its experienced and certified inspectors, works in conjunction with the City of Miami to execute housing quality standard (HQS) inspections for participating program participants.

CDBG Elderly Meals Program
The organization currently delivers meals to the frail elderly within the City of Miami boundaries, and has successfully been providing these services since 2005. The agency provides nutritious meals to eligible elderly individuals, helping them maintain a balanced nutritional diet.

CDBG Elderly Meals Program for the City of Miami Gardens
The organization currently delivers meals to the elderly and/or disabled residents within the City of Miami Gardens. The main goal is to be able to reach as many individuals as possible to provide healthy well-balanced meals to assist their dietary needs.